MAY 31ST, 2023

AMC Mortgage Services

AMC Mortgage Services began as the loan-servicing branch of Ameriquest Mortgage Company. With over twenty years of experience in loan servicing, AMC continues to offer excellent customer service and personal attention.

AMC strives to provide loans to underserved markets. To achieve that goal, they have been in discussion with the Consumer Mortgage Education Consortium, a group that represents various community and fair-housing organizations. They have worked with these groups to develop “Best Practices” for both origination and servicing of mortgage loans. Extensive training of customer service representatives ensures that high standards are maintained. The goal of the company is to help people own homes, and to keep them there. All options are explored to resolve problems that may arise, including credit counseling and flexible repayment plans.

Loans Offered by AMC

  • First and Second mortgages
  • Fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages
  • Home equity loans and lines of credit
  • Refinancing loans
  • Loans for mobile homes, multi-family dwellings, modular homes

AMC Mortgage Services announced in April that, in conjunction with Ameriquest Mortgage Company, and Big Brothers Big Sisters and Hands On Network, they will be embarking on a summer-long project to educate youth in financial literacy. “Dream Saver” will be delivered at summer camps. Over 5000 youth are expected to participate in seven states. The program is designed to educate young people between ages 8 – 13 on the advantages of saving, and setting long-term goals. Providing tools and techniques for saving prepares them at an early age for the responsibilities and decisions they will face when they enter the working world.

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