MAY 31ST, 2023

Argent Mortgage

Finding a mortgage can be a tumultuous process. Many companies have no idea that they should offer more than a few loan programs and some paperwork. In fact, they should be offering you as many products and great customer service as Argent Mortgage offers to their customers. Argent Mortgage has twenty years’ experience originating non-conforming and sub-prime loans.

They are a wholesaler provider, working through a nationwide network of mortgage brokers and bankers. Their fair lending practices indicate that they work only with brokers who are ethical, being fair and objective when reviewing all applications for funds, providing education and information to customers and applicants, and providing financial vehicles that meet the needs of the borrower, while providing benefit as well.

Loans Offered by Argent Mortgage

From the beginning of the loan process, until you make your last mortgage payment, Argent works for their customers. They offer a sophisticated pre-qualification tool on their website that makes determining if you and Argent are the right fit easy and fast. This also makes communicating with Argent simple because once you qualify for a loan, Argent will contact you directly to begin the loan process. Argent has also worked very hard to develop an efficient system that makes the lending process much easier and faster. By “streamlining” their lending process, Argent is able to provide the best service to their customers in the least amount of time. This also reduces the amount of frustrating paperwork that customers associate with obtaining a mortgage.

Loans Offered by Argent Mortgage

  • Fixes rate mortgages
  • 100% financing
  • 80/20 combo mortgages, combining first and second mortgages
  • Interest only mortgages
  • 40/30 amortizations

IIn order to reiterate their commitment to the people who have made them so successful, Argent remains involved in its communities through charitable donations, sports sponsorships and a concert series. Two organizations benefit in particular from Argent’s commitment to giving back; Olive Crest and Heartland Camp. Olive Crest is a not-for-profit agency that services abandoned, abused and neglected children. Heartland Camp serves children who have been impacted by AIDS.

Children come to the camp in Minnesota, where they can experience freedom and fresh air, and feel safe. The camp also does nationwide outreach, educating young people on living with AIDS. These noble endeavors make choosing Argent as the company that will match you with the loan program that best suits your needs easy.

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