Big Valley Mortgage

Big Valley Mortgage is located in the Sacramento Valley of California.  They were founded in 1990 and have become one of the largest mortgage brokers in California with branches from Bakersfield to Redding.  They remain on the cutting edge with respect to technological advances in the mortgage industry and due to the volume of loans they generate, can negotiate better rates and lower fees.  Their mission is to help people obtain home loans.  They wish to acquire the best possible loan for each client at the best rate and  terms.  The staff of Big Valley Mortgage  is always available to answer question before during and after the loan process.  They believe in using a personal touch yet still delivering the best loans prices which internet only companies can not do.

The loan process moves quickly and simply at Big Valley Mortgage.  The first thing the potential borrower must do is pre-qualify.  A quick ten question application is all it takes, click the submit button and a couple of loan programs for which the applicant can qualify will pop up.  The client can the obtain a pre-qualification letter by submitting some additional information.  Once the letter is issued the client can assure any realtor that he a serious buyer and the loan process can start in earnest.  After choosing a property, complete the loan application, which can be done online.  Big Valley Mortgage will take care of ordering the property appraisal for their clients.  Once the loan is approved, Big Valley will coordinate with the escrow officers to arrange the signing of the closing documents.  That is the whole process, straightforward, simple and fast!

Loans offered by Big Valley Mortgage

Big Valley Mortgage offers a complete array of funding options for every financial situation.  Some of Big Valley’s loan products are listed below:

  1. 15 and 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
  2. Hybrid Adjustable Rate Mortgage (3/1, 5/1, and 7/1)
  3. Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  4. Negative Amortization Loan
  5. 2/1 Buy Down Mortgage
  6. Refinance Loans

Big Valley has much more to offer than just the above.   They also include many loan calculators on their website.  Whether the client wants to know how much he can afford or how much extra he will have to pay to pay off his loan early, he can find out with Big Valley’s handy calculators.  Big Valley will also monitor the interest rates for their clients and inform them when the target rate has been achieved.  They will continue to communicate with their clients to provide mortgage news long after the loan has closed.  They want their clients to continue to be satisfied customers.

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