Dream House Mortgage Co.

Dream House Mortgage Corporation was founded and incorporated in 1988. Originally serving southern New England from its home base in Providence, RI the company now lends across the entire US. Growing from a modest brokerage service to a mortgage banking firm in 1995, Dream House Mortgage Corp. has developed in response to the needs of consumers. As a direct lender they fund the loans themselves, without a middleman to whom commissions are paid. This means faster service, better rates and fewer extraneous “fees”.

Dream House Mortgage has a resource section on their website. This is because they realize how stressful such a large financial commitment can be. They want their clients to be equipped to make an informed decision and to understand the wide range of real estate options, processes, and terms involved. Dream House Mortgage gives their clients the resources they’ll need to be able to calculate costs, keep current on interest rates and news, and have the tools they need to plan, budget, and buy real estate right in the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of their homes. Dream Home Mortgage believes that knowledge is power and they want their clients to have the power to take control of their financial future.

Dream Home Mortgage states that if the customer has heard of a loan product chances are they have it. They do have a multiplicity of financing options.

Loans Offered by Dream House Mortgage Co:

Here is a short list:

  • FHA Loans
  • No Down Payment Loans
  • Challenged Credit Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Refinance Options
  • Construction Loans
  • Lot Loans

Dream House Mortgage Corp has a wide variety of non conventional loan programs. This affords them the ability to lend to A-D credit customers who wish to purchase or refinance. They also offer second mortgages to borrowers with little or no equity. Dream House Mortgage states that there are “No up front fees”. This means that Dream House does not charge up front fees for application. This does not apply to optional “lock fees” that may be charged up-front if the applicant choose an extended lock option when he first applies for a loan. They also guarantee their closing costs. This means that the lender’s fees for the loan application will not change between the time you apply and the time you close unless the applicant specifically changes something (the loan amount, rates and points option, etc.). A loan consultant is also available 24 hours a day (other staff may not be available outside normal business hours) 7 days a week, except for legal holidays. Dream House Mortgage is really dedicated to helping their clients into their dream house!

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