APRIL 15TH, 2024

First Capital

When searching the abyss of newspapers, telephone books, and websites in order to find the perfect mortgage lender, it is important to make a variety of considerations prior to committing to one lender. One of the most important of these considerations is to ensure that your lender offers a variety of services that fit your unique needs. First Capital is one of those companies.

They offer lending services to borrowers all over the state of California, and First Capital generates over $2 billion in loans each year, making it one of the top mortgage broker/bankers in the country. They work with over 200 lenders, enabling First Capital to find the most creative and best rates available.

Loans offered by First Capital Mortgage

In addition, First Capital gives customers the benefit of having an onsite underwriter available. This makes the entire loan process much more efficient and simple. First Capital strives to make sure that their customers remain informed throughout each step of the lending process. First Capital also has access to over 200 companies with whom they associate, which contributes to their already impressive wealth of customer-focused services.

  • Loan offered by First Capital
  • Purchase loans
  • Refinance loans
  • Home equity loans and lines of credit
  • Construction loans
  • Interest only loans
  • Non-owner occupied properties
  • Cash-out refinancing
  • Second home/vacation home financing
  • No income verification

First Capital also has a unique array of services that are not available with any other lender. Some of these services include: cross collaterlization, non-owner occupied loans, flexible qualification programs, first-time buyer programs, and programs for individuals who are looking to purchase their second home or a vacation home. Their diverse range of products and services makes finding the right mortgage for you much simpler.

Finally, First Capital works very hard to match the right loan with the right borrower. In order to make this possible, they have hired a group of highly experienced mortgage professionals who are trained to work patiently and diligently so that each customer can take advantage of the impressive host of services that First Capital has to offer. These individuals also work hard to ensure that the company’s vision of efficient, competent, and helpful lending values are evident for the entire life of your home loan. First Capital will work hard to make your dream of owning a home an accessible and easy endeavor. Contact the loan officer in your area to find out how you can become a part of the First Capital family.

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