First Franklin

First Franklin was founded in 1981, and in 1994 moved from prime to non-conforming lending. They are owned by National City Corporation. In 2005, the company initiated $28.9 billion in mortgage loans through its network of brokers in thirty-five locations across the country. The company employs more than 2600 mortgage professionals, and does business with more than 30,000 mortgage brokers and bankers. Loans are initiated only through brokers; decisions are made locally and independently.

Loans offered by First Franklin

  • 100% financing
  • 103% financing
  • Flexible income verification for self-employed borrowers
  • Interest-only loans for various time-periods
  • Loans to those with low credit ratings, discharged bankruptcy or high debt-to-income ratios
  • Jumbo loans, up to $1.65 million
  • Refinance products, with up to $500,000 cash out
  • Owner occupied, non-owner occupied and second home financing

First Franklin makes it easy for non-traditional borrowers to attain home loans. With its flexible income-verification criteria, no seasoning on discharged bankruptcies, and acceptance of FICO scores from 540, the company serves the underserved market, and helps low- to moderate-income earners and self-employed enter the housing market. First Franklin will also consider debt ratios exceeding 50%, up to 55.49%. Their team of professionals will approve within 48 hours, locally by lenders who know the conditions in their market. First Franklin provides responsive and professional service.

NationPoint is the retail arm of First Franklin. They are available on the Internet, or by phone.

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