Heritage Mortgage

Heritage Mortgage is based in Independence, Ohio. However, Heritage Mortgage’s brokers work not only with many local lenders, but with lenders from around the nation, as well. As such, this puts their clients at an advantage over those who work with loan institutions such as banks, because these lenders tend to have a limited number of loan programs available to their clients. Furthermore, each of these programs usually has very specific qualifications, which, if you do not meet them, can leave you out of luck.

The personal mortgage consultants of Heritage Mortgage, on the other hand, can create custom loan programs designed to meet each client’s personal needs and financial situation. Also because Heritage Mortgage specializes in mortgage lending (and not other financial services), they can provide home loans more quickly and effectively, as well as at a lower cost.

Loans Offered by Heritage Mortgage

Heritage Mortgage seems to specifically specialize in loans for homebuyers. However, as this company works with many different lenders, one assumes that Heritage Mortgage is able to help their clients in finding at least the following traditional loan types:

  • Home Purchase Loans
  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • Adjustable Rate Loans
  • Refinance Loans

Heritage Mortgage focuses on streamlining the mortgage process for their clients and saving them time when it comes to obtaining a home loan. Rather than keeping the traditional banking hours, the mortgage consultants of this company will work around your schedule and are willing to meet whenever and wherever, at your convenience. They are willing to guide and work with you through every step.

They recommend that you get pre-approved for a loan before looking for home, which would allow to know which price range in which to look. With Heritage Mortgage, getting pre-approved for a long is a simple and free process with no obligations. They only require your credit rating, your income, and the amount you available for making a down payment. As long as you are looking for home, your pre-approval will remain in effect.

If you need to obtain your credit rating and credit history, Heritage Mortgage can help you get this in several ways: by coming in to personally talk to a consultant (this option is free), by calling over the phone (this option is also free), or through getting your credit information through a third party website (this last option does charge a fee, which Heritage Mortgage will reimburse to you if you get a loan through them).

There are also several options available for applying for a loan from this mortgage broker. You can apply in person by coming into an office, over the telephone, or via the Internet on the Heritage Mortgage website. As of late, however, the Heritage Mortgage website appears to be down, so it would be best to try to contact the company in person or by telephone.

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