Mortgage World Corporation

Living in Massachusetts has many benefits. It is rich in history, culture, and educational institutions. Massachusetts is also one of the most seasonally dynamic states in the nation, which is evidenced by the fact that tourists flock to the region each autumn to watch the leaves change color. With all of these amazing qualities, it is no wonder that the search for housing in Massachusetts can be a difficult process.

What can be even more difficult is finding the right lender to finance your home after you have selected one. Many lenders will only offer financing to traditional borrowers with an unblemished past, strictly consistent and provable income, and the perfect 20% down payment. But how many individuals in Massachusetts can safely say that they fit into all of those categories? For those who cannot, there is a reputable member of the Massachusetts lending community that offers financing to the unconventional borrower: Mortgage World Corporation.

Loans offered by Mortgage World

  • Up to 107% financing
  • Cash out refinancing up to 95% value
  • Recent bankruptcies, poor credit, no credit
  • Second mortgage up to 125% value
  • Construction loans
  • One – two family homes
  • First time homebuyer program

Mortgage World Corporation offers the aforementioned products and services to everyone in the state of Massachusetts, and they tailor each of their programs to fit the needs of the individual borrower rather than making the borrower fit the loan. Mortgage World Corporation will also assist customers in paying their debt in order to qualify for their programs, they offer 100% financing options, and many other customer-driven programs.

They even offer an easy online loan selecting tool that allows borrowers to select up to three loans in which they are interested to see if they qualify and to project potential monthly expenses. This quick and convenient tool is available to potential customers for free, 24 hours a day, from the comfort of his or her home or work computer.

Finally, Mortgage World Corporation offers four different types of calculators for free on their website so that current and potential customers can estimate how much they can afford to spend on a home, for what types of loans they can qualify, and what kind of payments they should expect to make each month, which makes the entire process of estimating loan options just that much simpler. It is rare to find a company that has such diverse programs while maintaining such a customer service based vision.

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