North Bay Mortgage

Looking for the perfect lender to suit your individual needs can be a difficult process. There are so many factors that one must take into account prior to committing to a loan program with one lender. Closing costs, interest rates, the terms of the loan, whether the rates remain consistent for the life of the loan, or if they periodically chage all can be overwhelming elements for potential borrowers to think of when researching lenders. So, wouldn’t it be much easier if the lenders would come to you with all of this information instead of you having to extrapolate all of the information from them?

Well, that is what North Bay Mortgage thinks, as well, which is why they have made the process simple for potential customers. All you have to do to obtain free information about loan programs for which you are eligible is fill out a quick online form that outlines your individual needs and income. North Bay Mortgage serves western Washington, with over fifty lenders from which to draw. This assures that North Bay borrowers enjoy the lowest possible rates that are tailored to their unique profiles.
Loans offered by North Bay Mortgage

  • Zero up-front fees
  • Low interest rates
  • Good credit/poor credit
  • Zero-down purchases
  • Debt consolidation
  • Mobile homes
  • Commercial loans
  • FHA/VA loans
  • First and second mortgages up to 125%

North Bay also makes qualifying for one of their many loan programs much easier than with traditional lenders. They have flexible qualification standards that allow individuals whose credit is imperfect obtain the home loan that they deserve while allowing them to improve their credit standing at the same time. In addition, North Bay prides themselves on being experts with FHA and VA home loans, which is not common in the lending industry.

North Bay just recently had their customer appreciation party, which was a major celebration to honor the members of the western Washington community for contributing so strongly to North Bay’s success. This is just another way in which North Bay remains grateful to and focused on their customers. North Bay’s fun and familial attitude toward lending was made evident during this party when they hosted their 3rd annual Great Pen Contest where North Bay customers competed to win a trip to Las Vegas by taking photos of themselves in the strangest and furthest locations from the North Bay office.

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