Option One Mortgage

In the event that you are one of the millions of nontraditional potential homeowners who lives in the United States of America, finding an affordable home loan can be tough. Far too many lenders only approve borrowers whose credit scores and income adhere to their rigid approval standards, and fewer and fewer Americans fit into that category. This is why companies like Option One Mortgage have been created and have remained a successful presence in the lending industry.

Option One Mortgage was established in 1992 in hopes of offering financing to everyone in the U.S.. Based in Irvine, California, which is a part of Orange County, Option One has been behind the financing of nearly $100 billion in loans since their 1992 inception. During that time they have served nearly 700,000 Americans who needed financing to obtain the home of their dreams. Option One is committed to serving the unconventional borrowing community, and they are a part of the H&R Block group of companies.

Loans offered by Option One Mortgage

They offer many different products and services that are designed to fit your individual budget and timeframe. Option One offers financing, and they are licensed, in over thirteen states across America.

Option One Loan Options:

  • Refinancing Programs
  • Traditional Fixed Mortgage Programs
  • Adjusted Rate Mortgages
  • Conventional Mortgage Packages for Unconventional borrowers

Option One Mortgage has a serious commitment to community involvement. They encourage employees to participate in their volunteer exchange programs, and they support a variety of charitable organizations.

For example, Option One is a sponsor for: Habitat For Humanity, Junior Achievement, and the Orange County Volunteer Center. They also set aside an allotment of money that can be requested to be given to charitable organizations to support community events or other charitable activities by employees who volunteer. Option One also participates in donation programs that support the health and human services sector. In addition, Option One has offered relief services to individuals whose lives have been impacted by the disastrous hurricane.

They have implemented a disaster relief effort that consists of borrower relief efforts and insurance claim expediting in order to ensure that your claims are addressed in an efficient and compassionate manner. These selfless and noble acts, and the fact that they have based their entire business to providing financing for the unconventional borrower, really speak to the fact that Option One is a truly unique company that does care about the community.

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