Pine State Mortgage

In today’s business world, it has become increasingly more difficult to find a locally owned company that has survived for more than just a few years. Many smaller and independently owned companies have been swallowed up by larger, more powerful companies, which leaves many individuals who are looking to support and take advantage of services only offered by locally owned businesses lost.

Fortunately, however, some companies have survived many economic ups and downs without losing their locally owned status, nor have they lost their locally owned values. Pine State Mortgage has been licensed in the state of Georgia since 1958 as a direct mortgage lender. The company is locally owned and is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia and the Mortgage Brokers Association of Georgia. The company operates out of fifteen branches across the state.

Loans offered by Pine State Mortgage

The goal of the company is to provide the best loan in a timely manner with the highest quality of service, a standard that can only be supported by a small, locally owned company. Pine State Mortgage is also an approved provider of Freddie Mac/Freddie Mae products and services.

Loans offered by Pine State Mortgage:

  • Fixed rate mortgages
  • Balloon mortgages
  • Adjustable rate mortgages
  • Rural Housing Authority loans; often require a lower down payment, and is guaranteed by the federal government. RHA loans are available either fixed or adjustable rate
  • VA loans
  • First-time homebuyers programs

In order to make the process of obtaining a loan even simpler, Pine State Mortgage provides each service associated with obtaining a home loan to their customers. This means that there is no third party that is responsible for ensuring that your loan is processed properly. Pine State Mortgage is the sole party responsible for your loan from start to finish, which eliminates messy paperwork and it eliminates the need for expensive vendors that can drive up closing costs and processing fees.

Your paperwork will remain in-house for the duration of your loan, and it will not get lost or placed at the bottom of the stack at Pine State Mortgage. Since Pine State Mortgage has elected to do all of their own processing in-house, they are able to pass savings directly down to their customers. So, if you are tired of attempting to find a locally owned lender that has the same family values as you do, even in this increasingly competitive real estate industry, then Pine Street Mortgage may be the right fit.

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