Rose Mortgage Corporation

In the event that you are looking for a home, and you have less-than-perfect credit, finding a home loan can be an anxiety-provoking process. The fear of being rejected or judged by a lender can prevent many potential homeowners from looking to purchase a home at all. This fear and anxiety has made room for the nontraditional, or sub-prime, lending industry to arise. Sub-prime lenders specialize in offering financing to individuals whose financial background may not be ideal for the typical lender, but who shows commitment to improving their financial situation.

One of these companies is Rose Mortgage Corporation. Rose Mortgage has three branch locations: Chicago, Cleveland, and Scottsdale. The company is licensed in California, Illinois, Indiana, Wyoming, Kentucky, Ohio, Colorado, and Michigan. They specialize in the sub-prime market, serving individuals who come from unconventional backgrounds. Rose Mortgage corporation offers a wealth of options for each of their customers. Many of these options range from more traditional loan packages to more innovative and flexible loan options.

Loans offered by Rose Mortgage

Rose Mortgage Corporation offers:

  • Fixed Rate Loan Programs
  • Adjusted Rate Loan Options
  • Creative Refinancing Options
  • Debt Consolidation Programs
  • 15-30-year Loan Options

Rose Mortgage also understands how frustrating the application process can be, which is why they have given their customers and potential customers the luxury of having easy to use tools for use on their website. These tools include online application options, mortgage calculators, and and up-to-date interest rate display, all of which can be accessed 24 hours a day from your home or work computer. In addition, Rose Mortgage Corporation makes their staff of professionals available to future and existing customers through email or via telephone, making communication simple and convenient for everyone.

Finally, Rose Mortgage understands just how precious your time is, which is why they work hard to ensure that your application gets approved as quickly as possible. In some instances, your application can be approved within just a few minutes. Rather than waiting for weeks or months to receive word about your qualification for a home loan, Rose Mortgage makes all of this information available to you nearly instantly. You can then take the next step toward owning and financing your own home much more quickly than if you had to wait around to hear about your application status. Rose Mortgage is one of the rare equal housing lenders that strives to make sure that each of their customers can get the loan that they deserve.

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