Sun Valley Mortgage, Inc.

Sun Valley Mortgage, Inc. is a Tempe, Arizona owned and operated mortgage brokerage. They are committed to first-class customer service and cutting edge technology in their mortgage processes. By offering honesty, integrity and professionalism they hope to be the “lender for life” for their customers. They work with a variety of lenders to match the loan program to their customers specific needs. While most of the time they can obtain financing through the conventional, government or FHA loan system, they not limited to those methods. They have the ability to go outside the system to help those with credit problems or undocumented income. They offer a range of non-conforming and portfolio loans.

Unfortunately the Sun Valley website does not offer a wealth of information about their products and services for the casual inquirer. The customer must be ready to supply their information to Sun Valley in order to obtain even the current rates. While their site claims a full description of all their loan programs, one must register to glean even a modicum of data. It was discovered, however, that Sun Valley Mortgage offers the following types of loans:

Loans offered by Sun Valley Mortgage Inc.

  • 30 and 15 Year Fixed Rate Loans
  • Adjustable Rate Loans
  • Balloon Mortgages
  • Jumbo Fixed Rate Loans
  • Various Specialty Programs

The easiest part of Sun Valley’s website to access is the dictionary of terms. This is very comprehensive and a valuable resource for understanding the obscure financial jargon a borrower is sure to encounter along the way to obtaining a mortgage. The calculators section would be helpful, but after one calculation the customer is advised to call for further information. In other words if the potential customer choose a fixed rate loan calculation and then decided he would like to see the numbers for adjustable rate loans, the customer will get a message advising them to call for further information. Quite frustrating for someone just doing his groundwork. The customer can get pre-qualified, however, this comes with the caveat that since it is based on information provided by the customer, it does not constitute a loan approval. Pre-qualification is a good jumping off point for house hunting as it affords the buyer the luxury of knowing his loan limits.

Sun Valley Mortgage, Inc. uses 100’s of lenders in order to obtain the best funding fit for even the most difficult qualifications. They offer personalized service and promise to come through for their customers. They strive to live up to their motto of “your best interest is our only interest!”

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