Sunshine Mortgage

Sunshine Mortgage is a fully accredited mortgage broker located in Fort Myers, Florida. They serve the entire state of Florida. Sunshine offers a full range of products and services, their most valuable service being the knowledge and integrity with which they serve their customers. Sunshine mortgage listens to their customers needs. A Sunshine representative will then define, with the client, the loan requirements and set about meeting them (the requirements).

Sunshine will then guide the customer through the lending process, educating him on the eccentricities of the mortgage industry along the way. They believe the mortgage is not just a loan, but a major part of the clients financial plan. Since Sunshine Mortgage gets all its business through referrals, this approach must be pretty effective.

Sunshine Mortgage’s loan officers are experienced professionals. They know how to accurately counsel their clients and troubleshoots any problems that may arise in the loan process. They stay abreast of all economic indicators so they have a feeling of where the interest rates are heading. This means that they will have a well informed opinion on whether to float or lock in the clients interest rate. After determining the clients situation, Sunshine can also aid the client in the ascertaining whether or not to take a lower interest rate or pay points. Knowledge and experience are key ingredients in the Sunshine Mortgage recipe for success.

Loans offered by Sunshine Mortgage

Sunshine Mortgage includes both a long and short online application on their website. For those who are uncomfortable entering their personal information online, a downloadable PDF form is also included. This can be printed out and filled in at the clients leisure. When finished, the client may either mail it in or drop it by the Sunshine office. Potential borrowers may also call Sunshine Mortgage. Some of Sunshine Mortgage’s varied offerings are:

  • 15 Year Fixed Rate Conforming Loans
  • 15 Year Fixed Rate Jumbo Loans
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Conforming Loans
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Jumbo Loans
  • 5/1 and 7/1 Adjustable Rate Conforming Mortgages
  • 5/1 and 7/1 Adjustable Rate Jumbo Mortgages

Sunshine Mortgage is truly passionate about obtaining the best mortgage for their clients needs. They offer the most aggressively competitive rates in the area in a full range of mortgage products. They offer links to various local government offices on their website, as well as a link to a realtor who can help clients find their dream home. A community calendar and some hot spots are presented so the future residents of Fort Myers, Florida will have an idea of community events. Sunshine Mortgage is there to guide its clients in all facets of life!