Viking Mortgage Company

Viking Mortgage Company, LLC was established in October of 1996. They are proud of their ten years of excellent service. Viking is licensed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. Eric Erickson, the owner of Viking Mortgage Company, LLC has gone through an intense special T.E.A.M. training in Salt Lake City, Utah taught by Douglas Andrew. Mr. Andrew is the author of “Missed Fortune” and “Missed Fortune 101″ published by Time Warner. Mr. Andrew has a 30 year financial planning background and is teaching and licensing both mortgage and financial planning professionals to utilize his strategies across the nation.

These strategies make up the core of Viking Mortgage’s financial policies. Basically the tactic is to have the client tap into the equity in the his home by refinancing and then investing the excess monies. Because of the tax deduction for mortgage interest the investment will pay a great deal more that the extra loan amount will cost, thus increasing the client’s net worth significantly over time. Applying for a loan with Viking Mortgage will result in some financial planning advise as well as a mortgage!

A Viking financial advisor will not only get the best interest rate for his client, but the best loan. The main factors in determining the cost of the mortgage are the client’s unique financial circumstances. Interest rates are relative to the mortgage loan term and program type. There are many instances when the loan carrying a higher interest rate is actually cheaper in the long haul than the loan with a lower rate. A Viking loan officer can assess his clients circumstances and give him the best deal for his requirements.

Loans offered by Viking Mortgage

Viking Mortgage offers a variety of loan options. They especially promote 100% financing and refinance loans. Some of their options are:

  • Interest Only Loans
  • Adjustable Rate Loans
  • First Time buyer Programs
  • Self Employed Programs

Viking Mortgage offers not just a loan, but also a wealth building strategy. They are mortgage planning professionals and believe that sound planning is the way to care for the client and his biggest asset–his home! Viking Mortgage’s approach to mortgage lending is to lend the maximum amount the borrower can afford whether he needs it or not. They believe that liquid assets are better than “dead” assets (i.e. the equity in one’s home) and prefer if their clients cash out as often as possible. They suggest taking the money and investing it so the money is available if the customer runs into financial difficulty or needs retirement income. Seemingly sound, these strategies run contrary to conventional wisdom.

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