Home Purchase Loans

Home Purchase Mortgage Loans are an extremely significant part of buying a home. Unless a consumer can actually pay cash for their dream home, they will need a Home Purchase Loan. A consumer may use a Home Purchase Loan to buy any type of home, inclusive of a primary residence, secondary residence, as well as investment property. The sole restriction is that the property must be a home. There are a vast amount of loan programs and products to assist consumers in obtaining a Home Purchase Mortgage Loan.

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About Home Purchase Loans

What Are Some of the Mortgage Loan Programs That Can Be Used for a Home Purchase Loan?
Consumers may wish to consider these options which all have their own pros & cons:
• A Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loan
• An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loan
• An Interest Only Loan
• A Jumbo Mortgage
• A LIBOR Mortgage
• Other Loans Are Available – Consumers should check directly with a trusted lender

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Will a Consumer’s Credit Score Influence their Mortgage Rate?

Yes – this is one thing a consumer can count on! A consumer’s Credit Score/FICO is a determining factor of the many aspects in applying for a mortgage. Consumers are advised to get a copy of their current credit report to begin with. Next, a consumer can use these guidelines in deciding which category they may be in credit-wise:

• Excellent Credit – 1) the consumer has not been reported to a collector/agency within the last ten years; 2) the consumer has had only late payments reported to the credit bureau within the previous seven years and zero within the last year.

• Good Credit – 1) none of the consumer’s payments were over thirty days late; 2) the consumer has established a credit history with other items such as auto loans, credit cards, and/or mortgages; 3) the consumer has not missed a single payment in the last twelve months (although they may have missed a couple of payments over the past seven years).

• “Needs Improvement” Credit – 1) the consumer has a few payments that are overdue; 2) the consumer has a history of payments made sixty days late; 3) the consumer is over eighteen and therefore has very little credit history.
• Fair Credit – 1) the consumer regularly pays their bills on time; 2) the consumer is eighteen and working toward establishing their credit history.

• Poor/Bad Credit – 1) the consumer has been reported to a collection agency within the last ten years; 2) the consumer is over eighteen and has no credit history at all.

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